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MSC partnership

The partners within IJDT have earned their place in the logistics industry. They all have a flexible deployment and have the customer listed as high in their priority.

The partnership MCS has many years of experience in the exploitation of container terminals and they now have the operational responsibility of four terminals in the north of the Netherlands, those being; Leeuwarden, Westerbroek, Meppel and Kampen.

Wezenberg group IJsselmuiden features over 150 pulling vehicles, provides 24/7 hour service and possesses an own warehouse where your goods can be stored, possibly conditioned.

IJDT en graansloot bv

Graansloot Kampen B.V. is a specialist in the dry bulk storage of 1,000 to 17,000 tons and features all the required certificates, including for the storage of organic goods.

Terminal Meppel

Terminal Leeuwarden

IJDT en graansloot bv



Terminal Westerbroek

Wezenberg Groep


Oslokade 9
8263 CH Kampen

Tel: +31(0)38 8200365

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