The Kamper connection: water and trade


With the arrival of the Zuiderzeehaven, it seems like history is about to repeat itself. IJssel Delta Terminal is a professional, leading Terminal location in the quickly growing heart of logistical Netherlands.

In Kampen, water and trade have been connected to each other for centuries. Kampen grew far before the golden VOC period into a rich and prosperous Hanseatic city.

The Kampen inhabitants mostly had to thank the favourable location of the city and their trading vessel: the Kogge. With these coastal vessels they sailed on both the northern and the southern seas. With the Kogge, Kampen stood at the beginning of the turbulent maritime history of the Low Countries which was mainly based on a sober and smart trading mentality. That mentality you can also find in IJDT.

Hanseatic city is a trade city

The central location of IJDT, with good connections across road and water into all directions of the compass is guaranteed for efficiency in logistics and transport. All conditions which allowed Kampen to grow from the year 1200 into a powerful and centrally located trade city are completely restored to its former glory with the construction of the Zuiderhaven and the dredging of the main routes across water. IJDT offers you all conceivable means for now and the furture and many possibilities.

Benefits of logistics and transport through IJDT:

• Electronic information exchange through Portbase
• Good collaboration
• Everything needed for a good and safe storage location can be found in the Zuiderzeehaven at IJDT
• Efficient partners who think along with you
• IJDT has all the knowledge and experience needed to support you with your logistic questions and to optimise it.
• Multimodal logistic concepts require creativity, flexibility and attention.
• We make, in good consultation, custom sustainable, creative multimodal solutions.


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