Dry bulk storage

For the storage and transhipment of dry bulk, IJDT provides excellent possibilities. Spacious ports with direct access to the inland waterways and highways. With Graansloot as a partner that is specialised in storage and transhipment of dry bulk. Fast transport connections with the hinterland, highway and inland waterways.

New impulses
In addition, continuous work is done for the optimisation of accessibility and infrastructure.

Growth possibilities
The storage of dry bulk usually requires a lot of space. IJDT and Graansloot possess that space as well as the capacities to guide the growth or establishment of production and transhipment companies along short lines. All of this makes Graansloot and IJDT a trusted combination for now and the future.

IJDT & graansloot kampen opslag dry bulk
When it comes to dry bulk, IJDT and Graansloot can process all commodities just fine.”
 Connection with the port of Rotterdam

Every week, 4 departures at terminals in Rotterdam.

IJDT Kampen is a strategically located container terminal for container storage and container transhipment in the centre of the Netherlands. The direct vicinity of roads and large waterways ensures an efficient connection to seaports and inland terminals in the Netherlands, Germany, trans-Europe and Russia.

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Warehousing (conditioned)

Many companies struggle with the problem of insufficient storage space or a strongly fluctuating inventory because of varying demand or irregular supply. The consequence is a warehouse which is empty for a large portion of the year or another alternative has to be selected such as renting additional space at another location.

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Modern facilities, plus good connections across roads and water in the Netherlands and Europe, make IJDT your ideal partner.


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